Version 0.9.5

Release date: 2013/06/04

  • new: switch --md5 to request MD5 hashes; they are now turned off by default, resulting in a significant performance improvement (af745c8581de)
  • new: switch --exclude-pattern-ci for case-insensitive regular expressions (1c68ad21c72f)
  • fixed: On Windows, the --exclude-pattern switch has not been case-sensitive (f5c00b9eccbc)
  • fixed docs: installation instructions for py3bencode using (276a82e1cbc3)

Version 0.9.4

Release date: 2013/02/26

  • new: documentation is now part of the repository, based on Sphinx (dd3d74f5cc26 and following)
  • fixed: UDP tracker announce urls (c639e2f8408a + 69afadea92e4)
  • fixed: piece count calculation (8450c6470d7f)
  • fixed: inconsistent number of blank lines after summary (30f870d55c56)

Version 0.9.3

Release date: 2010/12/13

  • ! fixed: tracker abbreviations for openbittorrent fixed. new default abbreviations: openbt and publicbt for openbittorrent and publicbittorrent. Note that both of them do no more offer a http announce URL (they are pure UDP trackers now).
  • fixed: did not prompt the user when overwriting an existing torrent using the -o <output directory> switch
  • fixed: version number was still 0.9 (now 0.9.3, of course), so it did not identify itself correctly, e.g. when issueing “–version”.

Version 0.9.2

Release date: 2010/11/09

  • fixed: the private switch (–private / -P) did not have any effect (reported by steven)
  • fixed: wrong email address (now instead of

Version 0.9.1

Release date: 2010/10/17

  • !!! fixed: torrents for single files could not be created (reported by JWA)

Version 0.9

Release date: 2010/08/19

  • !!! fixed: creating torrents with multiple trackers did not work. the announce-list has been created in a wrong way by version 0.8.
  • added: possibility to create tracker abbreviations. by default there is ‘obt’ for OBT((Open BitTorrent - an open tracker project))’s announce urls
  • added: print summary after writing the torrent file
  • added: skipping symlinks that point to files or directories that have already been processed (or are still being processed)
  • added: -v / –verbose option (reports skipped & processed files)
  • added: -q / –quiet option (at the moment this option only removes the summary in the end)
  • added: you may now use –exclude-pattern to exclude files/folders based on regular expressions
  • changed: applied Python Style Guide (PEP 8)
  • changed: using #!/usr/bin/env python3 instead of #!/usr/bin/python3
  • changed: removed the huge get_size function, there was a better way to go
  • fixed: removing duplicate trackers now
  • fixed: empty comment now disables comment field (didn’t work before)

Version 0.8

Release date: 2010/08/10.

Initial release.